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Société Tropicale Minière

SO.TRO.MI. society (SOciété TROpicale MInière) boasts a 20 years experience in the gemstone industry and in handmade jewel production.
In Madagascar, a natural resources rich land, our workshop is among the most important in the field of gemstone and precious metal transformation, from raw materials to cut materials.
Our expertise guarantee that our offered products are naturals and genuine. All our gemstones are not chemically and/or thermically treated. They are cut following established rules by international norms concerning finished products.

In our jewellery shops, from Diégo Suarez to Nosy Be, SO.TRO.MI. with its ten thousand gemstones exhibition is the leader in gemstone selling of all choices, including the very unusual star sapphire and others high quality natural products, exclusively from Madagascar.
SO.TRO.MI guarantee the use of 18kt. gold with 18kt. welding, 925 thousandth silver rhodium-plated or not (as per customer request).
The manufacturing are made by malagasy artisans who are masters in cutting and in highlighting the beauty of the stone. Their skills is comparable by fantasy and artistic spirit to other country artisans.

Thanks to all of this, SO.TRO.MI offers a vast choice of products, high quality guaranteed and customizable by request as per customer taste.
Visit our Showroom to find ideas that have given us inspiration in our production and that we are delighted to offer you.